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Scheduled Maintenance Friday 06/07 till Wednesday 06/12
posted by Crazy on 2013-06-09 11:49

Between Friday and Wednesday there will be short interuptions in uptime and possible slower responses/downloads.


I'll be doing some maintenance work on the database master and slaves.

Additionally some reorganizing on the servers themselfs.


I'll try and keep performance drops as low as possible and the downtime as short as I can, but now and then it will be noticable.


I've already updated the site with a few minor fixes.

You'll also notice that about 20% of the download links are adfly links, I'm starting with 20% to see how it goes, might remove it again, might increase the %, depends on the outcome.

Update: List of Licensed Mangas Removed on Monday 19/02/2013
posted by nukie on 2013-02-15 09:51

Little downtime
posted by Crazy on 2013-01-14 16:33

There will be a little downtime now and then in the next comming hours.


As I mentioned in the shoutbox, yet another HD gave out, now my main partition is full because I can't mount the new one yet. - will fix everything this evening.


I'm starting to think I'm cursed or something :o

Need a good exorsist! - 

Maybe back...
posted by Crazy on 2013-01-08 17:14

So the guys at the datacenter did do me a favor by giving me a month free and they actually did more of the server setup then they normally do.


Reason was that I've been having a lot of issues and was planning to cancel the service.


But, still looking for someone to take over the site.
So seeing as the server is running for now I'll keep the site open.

So anyone that's interested, plz mail or pm me


Biggest reason is the monthly cost, the maintenance on the server itself doesn't require that much work as it almost runs itself.
The biggest work is uploading new releases, it's thanks to those people that the site remained open tbh, it requires a lot of work and dedication!


Another option to keep the site open is that someone comes up with a good idea to blow some new life in the site, and would also be willing to work on it. - a new project would be nice and welcome.



All idea's on the topic are welcome


PS: if I do not find anyone to take it over and find a good new project to blow some new life in the site the server will close down the 4th of March -